Giving back to those giving their all: COVID-19 update
Joining Forces to Support Our Communities

Our Cascade Designs family of brands is truly inspired by the heroic efforts put forth by our communities during this crisis—from the medical responders to the grocery store employees. Resolved to help, we’ve joined forces and refocused our manufacturing muscle to assist with making protective gear. Like so many, we wish to give back to those giving their all.

100,000 Level 1 Surgical Masks

Our Seattle production team quickly shifted gears to sew medical masks in response to the shortage of PPE for health care professionals. On April 30, we met our goal of 100,000 masks! The materials were provided by Kaas Tailored and the masks have been going to 51 Providence Hospitals, as part of their 100 million mask challenge.

Safety Gowns for Firefighters

Firefighters protect our lives; we’re humbled to help protect theirs. Working with King County Emergency Management, we’re using Therm-a-Rest mattress materials to help make protective gowns for local firefighters. The durable material is easily disinfected after each call, making the gowns reusable. It also withstands the harsh environments firefighters face far better than disposable gowns.

As a family of brands, we know how critical it is to help one another. We’re grateful to be part of an incredible community of adventurers—regardless of which uniform you wear to work. From all of us at Therm-a-Rest, MSR, SealLine, Platypus and PackTowl, let's keep doing our part, so we can see each other on the trails once again.



No engineer can sit alone and proclaim a design innovative. True innovation is defined by consensus, in the field, by thousands—if not millions—of customers. Our focus on delivering that level of performance has allowed a number of our products to attain such a level of recognition over the last 40 years. The timeline below represents our legacy of achievements—a direct result of our commitment to create products that enhance the outdoor experience.



Driven by the need to get a better night’s sleep outdoors, founders of Cascade Designs invent the revolutionary self-inflating Therm-a-Rest® mattress. The lightweight, portable mattress allows mountain climbers and outdoor enthusiasts to sleep better in warmth and comfort.

MSR Model 9 Stove


Dehydration is discovered as a main cause of Acute Mountain Sickness. In response, the world’s first remote-burner stove, the MSR® Model 9™, is developed to efficiently melt snow for drinking water at high altitude and becomes essential equipment for mountaineers worldwide.

MSR Bike Helmets


In response to requests from the cycling community, the MSR Climbing Helmet design is tweaked to better meet the safety needs of cyclists, becoming one of the first bicycle helmets in existence.

MSR headlamps


Marking their first use in a consumer product, lithium batteries are incorporated into MSR® headlamps, extending burn time and increasing reliability in the outdoors.

MSR Pit Zips


Durable, weather-proof outerwear becomes more comfortable with the incorporation of the first zippered underarm vents (a.k.a. “Pit Zips”) into the MSR® brand line of rain jackets and parkas.

MSR WhisperLite Stove


To improve the quality of the outdoor experience, the legendary MSR® WhisperLite™ backpacking stove is developed to operate quietly in its natural surroundings and sets the standard for lightweight, liquid-fuel backpacking stoves.

SealLine double closure dry bag


Keeping important gear dry in wet environments becomes easy with the introduction of a double-stiffener closure for SealLine® dry bags, creating the most waterproof roll-down closure on the market.

MSR Coyote Snow Pickets


Mountaineering safety takes a huge step forward with the unveiling of MSR® Coyote™ Snow Pickets, uniquely designed to provide a 20% increase in holding power over similar snow anchors.

MSR WaterWorks Microfilter


Meeting backcountry users’ needs for a reliable water treatment device, the MSR® WaterWorks® filter is the first of its kind to incorporate both carbon and ceramic technologies for superior performance.

Therm-a-Rest Synergy System


Cascade Designs builds on their innovative Therm-a-Rest® technology with the launch of the Therm-a-Rest® Synergy System™ sleeping bag, the first of its kind to feature a built-in sleeve for a sleeping mattress.

MSR Denali Llama snowshoes


The groundbreaking MSR® Denali™ Snowshoe utilizes the first injection-molded plastic snowshoe deck to offer versatility and extreme durability in all snow conditions. The molded decks incorporate steel traction blades and first-of-their-kind modular tails.

Platypus Hydration bottle


Frustration with cumbersome water storage products leads to the creation of the Platypus® flexible hydration solutions. Lightweight and durable, they can be tucked away for easy packing when empty.

Platypus Big Zip Reservoir


The inconveniences of filling and cleaning hydration storage systems are eliminated with the revolutionary Platypus® Big Zip™ reservoir. Featuring a first-ever wide-mouth opening, it allows for easy access to the reservoir for cleaning and filling.

MSR MIOX Water Purifier


Originally developed with the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to allow soldiers to purify any water, the MSR® MIOX® purifier is introduced to the outdoor market. The MIOX purifier is the first to bring electrolysis and mixed-oxidant technology to consumers.

MSR Hubba Hubba tent


Ushering in camping innovation, the MSR® Hubba™ 1-person and MSR® Hubba Hubba™ 2-person tents utilize a one-pole hub and swivel design to deliver the perfect combination of light weight and livability that make it the best-selling ultralight tent in the world.

Therm-a-Rest Women's Prolite mattress


Featuring extra warmth in the torso and feet, women-specific Therm-a-Rest® ProLite™ Series mattresses are designed to meet women’s frequent requests for a warmer lightweight mattress. Two years later, women’s versions of the Therm-a-Rest® Trek & Travel™ Series mattresses are introduced.

MSR Reactor stove system


The ultra-efficient and windproof MSR® Reactor® Stove System is introduced after years of development. Providing the ability to rapidly boil water in challenging conditions, it is the first stove ever to employ radiant heat and primary air combustion while regulating canister pressure.

Platy CleanStream Gravity Water Filtration System


Filtering water becomes as easy as hanging a reservoir of water with the introduction of the Platypus® CleanStream™ Gravity Filter. With no moving parts, an ultra-efficient, hollow fiber membrane makes pump-free filtering possible by harnessing gravity to deliver 4 liters in just 2.5 minutes.

Therm-a-Rest NeoAir mattress


The Therm-a-Rest® NeoAir air mattress redefines ultralight comfort for ounce-counters. Without added insulation, a patent-pending internal structure provides unrivaled air mattress warmth and stability with two inches of loft. The revolutionary design allows direct inflation, eliminating the need for pumps or bellows.