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ThermaCapture Radiant Heat Technology is a proprietary reflective coating that we apply to a range of surfaces. By reflecting radiant heat back to your body that is otherwise lost, this extremely lightweight coating turns that surface into a very efficient heat reflector, amplifying warmth without the excess weight or bulk of added, conventional insulating materials.


    In this patent-pending application, we vary the location and number of ThermaCapture layers within each NeoAir mattress to meet specific warmth targets. Combined with Triangular Core Matrix construction, a single ThermaCapture layer can boost warmth by up to 50% and creates the unmatched warmth-to-weight ratios offered by a NeoAir mattress.


    Here we use a simple reflective surface coating of ThermaCapture to amplify the effectiveness of the heat-trapping peaks and valleys of each of these mattresses. The result is a boost in warmth by up to 15% and even greater surface durability.


    Applied to the backside of the inner lining material of our Women’s bags, this ThermaCapture use not only boosts warmth without the added weight or bulk of down or fiber fills, creating a lighter overall bag, but it also lets you warm-up faster – a real plus on a cold night.


  • NeoAir®

    Triangular Core Matrix

    Our most advanced design uses patent-pending technology to minimize heat loss with two stacked layers of triangular baffles, creating hundreds of individual cells in our warmest mattresses. Simultaneously this internal structure adds an unmatched level of stability to every NeoAir mattress.


    Our new Wave Technology slows convective heat loss, using a single layer of horizontal wave baffles. This basic structure doubles the warmth of an uninsulated air mattress without the bulk of conventional down or fiber insulations, creating a strong, fair-weather option in an insulated air mattress that still maintains essential thee-season performance.

    Self Inflating

    Vertically Die-cut Foams

    Vertical Die-cut foams were another Therm-a-Rest innovation that allow a mattress to pack smaller and weight less, without a significant decrease in warmth or comfort. Quite simply, each mattress foam core is laid flat and a press cuts a specific pattern of holes from the foam, lowering its overall density to reduce weight and increase packability. By altering this pattern, we can make fine-tuned adjustments to warmth and support, tailored to the specific needs of women and cold sleepers, or to address anatomical pressure points such as the hips and shoulders. (see Pressure Mapping)

    Diagonally Die-cut Foams

    Pioneered by Therm-a-Rest, this technology works on the same principal as our vertically die-cut foams, lowering overall mattress density to reduce weight and increase packability. However, cut at an angle, these die-cuts decrease the direct, vertical flow of air between the ground and the top of the mattress, resulting in warmer mattress with similar weight and compressibility benefits.

    Thermal Foams

    Thermal Foam is our proprietary, solid-core foam. While it may look like just foam, we have spent decades working closely with our supplier, evolving this most basic element of our self-inflating pads. The resulting foam is made in the USA, and optimized for the best balance of light weight, lasting durability, and uniformity of support.

    Pressure Mapping

    Pressure mapping involves analyzing detailed, pressure-sensitive measurements of a body on a sleep surface. A “map” is output, representing the pressure intensity with a range of colors. By analyzing the results of multiple sleep positions across both genders, we are able to vary the density of a mattress’s core. We do this in localized areas, varying the number of die-cuts in the foam, to address specific needs of support or softness.

    Closed Cell

    RidgeRest & Z Lite Technology

    These Therm-a-Rest innovations boost the effectiveness and comfort of traditional, flat closed-cell foam pads with heat-formed peaks and valleys. The RidgeRest uses a conventional wave pattern and the Z Lite delivers maximum compactness with a nesting waffle pattern. Both increase dead air space in the “valleys” beneath you to boost warmth, while the peaks maintain support and comfort. In addition, all but our RidgeRest Classic mattress combine these benefits with a dual-density construction that combines a denser, more durable foam on the bottom and a softer, more comfortable foam on top for lasting comfort.


  • SynergyLink Connectors

    The key to our System Solution is our patent-pending SynergyLink™ Connectors. Integrating mattress and bag, they make sure you stay on your mattress while you roll freely for the best nights rest possible. Two elastic bands create a snug fit around any mattress up to 25 inches (63.5 cm) wide, keeping your bag centered and eliminating problems with sliding off your mattress or getting your bag twisted around you.

    Zoned Insulation

    Zoned Insulation puts loft where you need it most – on top of you where it traps rising heat. Beneath you we use less fill, where your mattress already insulates you, and the value of lofted insulation is already minimized by compression. This is possible because our sleeping bags integrate with your mattress, keeping it properly oriented to maximize warmth and save weight.

    Toe-asis Foot Warmer

    The patent-pending Toe-asis™ Foot Warmer helps to rapidly warm cold feet, offering a baffled pocket of insulation in the footbox of our Women’s down and synthetic sleeping bags. Just slide your feet in for maximum warmth. Leave them out and you’ll still benefit from an extra layer of insulation in the foot of your sleeping bag.

    EraLoft Synthetic Insulation

    EraLoft™ is a proprietary blend of three synthetic fibers that provides superior warmth, loft and durability. Short-staple fibers are known to be the best insulators with excellent compressibility, but can clump over time and leave gaps in the insulation. Conversely, continuous filament fibers are known to be the most durable, but are the least compressible. eraLoft combines these fibers, and a third, medium-length fiber, to create a unique insulation that melds durability and high loft into a single, consistent insulation. The result is an excellent alternative to down with lasting performance, a high level of compressibility, and a superior ability to retain warmth when wet.

  • COTS

  • BowFrame Technology

    Our patented BowFrame™ cot design converts lightweight poles, stretch-free fabric and unique cot feet into a tension-spring system that holds the cot together and provides superior, off-the-ground sleeping comfort and support. When used, the cot’s bow poles are designed to flex until the middle of the pole contacts the ground, offering the user greater stability while still maintaining flex for comfort.

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