Therm-a-rest Quality

Defining our commitment and what it means to you.

Since our beginning, one of the pillars of the Therm-a-Rest philosophy has been to make what we sell. Between our company-owned manufacturing facilities in Seattle, USA and Cork, Ireland, the vast majority of our sales world-wide come from products that remain true to that standard.This unique commitment allows us to bring you the latest and most reliable innovations in comfort. Our dedicated engineering staff draws on over 40 years of experience to create, test and revise new technologies and prototypes quickly, without waiting for a shipment from some far-off factory. Once we've decided a product is worthy of your backpack, that commitment also allows us to implement incredibly strict quality assurances. Everything we build is tested before it leaves our facilities. Anything that doesn't meet our standards is noted, researched and resolved before another is built.

Finally, being close to our customers assures the best service possible. When you call us, you talk to someone who knows our products inside and out and is motivated to ensure your complete satisfaction. That kind of service, combined with a limited lifetime warranty, means Therm-a-Rest products provide more than just unbeatable comfort; they provide peace-of-mind.

All in all, the choice to keep as much of our production in-house as possible was a logical one for us. When your goal is to provide the most reliable and innovative comfort products available, there simply is no other way.