Perfecting even the simplest backcountry tools often requires an out-of-the-box mindset. Take poles. Until MSR got into the game, these indispensable trekking tools suffered from distinct drawbacks, including pole-length slippage, challenging adjustment mechanisms and less-than-desirable swing weights. Here’s a look at MSR’s innovative pole technologies—some groundbreaking, others degrees of refinement—and how they will help your backcountry experiences:


    Ergonomic Grip & Ventilated Summer Strap

    Your pole’s grip is your point of contact and interaction, so it’s critical that this simple detail be executed perfectly. MSR Summer Trekking Poles feature a dual-density, ergonomic grip on our TR series, and an ergonomic, ultra-light foam grip on our UL Series. Our easy-adjust, ventilated summer strap offers crucial breathability in warm weather and a soft interior for next-to-skin comfort.


    Trigger Release

    MSR’s TR-3 and TR-2 Summer Trekking Poles feature our Trigger Release,
    a revolutionary one-handed length-adjustment mechanism. This innovative system
    gives you efficient, on-the-fly length adjustability, allowing you to quickly and easily match
    your pole length to the terrain’s challenges and changes.

    While the Trigger Release may seem like complex engineering, it’s in fact a simple, reliable
    design. And mastering its use is easy. Start by sliding your hand up through the ergonomic wrist
    strap and adjusting it snug against the bottom of your hand. Slip two fingers under the Trigger Release,
    located below the grip, and catch the pole’s basket beneath your foot. Finally, pinch up on the Trigger
    Release to depress the SureLock button (on the shaft below) and allow the pole sections to freely adjust
    up or down. Pull or push the pole to the desired length and release the trigger.


    SureLock™ System

    One of the main complaints about traditional backcountry poles is
    the tendency for their length-adjustment locks to slip at just the wrong
    time, say when you’re descending that muddy gully or
    dancing between silppery river rocks. MSR fixed this
    problem with our groundbreaking SureLock System, which uses a
    positive-locking push-button mechanism—not some finicky
    friction-based device, such as a twist- or flip-lock—to ensure absolute
    zero-slip performance. Additionally, we engineered the pole shafts with a
    non-rotational tri-lobe geometry, which guarantees precise, hassle-free alignment. We added a ball bearing atop the lock pin for friction-free use, even in sub-zero temperatures.

    MSR’s SureLock System is the only positive-locking mechanism on the market and a big reason why our poles are the strongest and most reliable available. And, because the SureLock mechanism is situated in the upper shaft section (near the grip), weight could be stripped out of the lower sections to create a uniquely effortless swing that reduces arm fatigue and keeps your pole work quick and nimble.

  • 7000-SERIES

    7000-Series Aluminum

    Lightweight finished products start with
    featherweight materials. MSR Summer Trekking
    Poles are manufactured from 7000-series aluminum,
    extruded to create a light-yet-strong tri-lobe-shaped shaft.
    To further strip weight, each shaft section is drawn with
    targeted thicknesses, meaning that some sections of the shaft
    wall are thicker than others, reinforcing high-load areas while
    shaving extraneous grams elsewhere.


    Carbide Steel Tip

    Let’s face it: Pole tips lead a hard life, often
    getting up close and personal with granite,
    basalt, sandstone, limestone, dirt and talus
    of every flavor, shape and size. MSR Summer
    Trekking Poles are fitted with hardwearing
    carbide steel tips for multi-year performance
    and durability.

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