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In the wake of the devastating Southeast Asia Tsunami in 2004, Mountain Safety Research, like so many companies, was driven to help. We responded by supplying thousands of water treatment devices in the largest product donation in our company’s history.
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Though well-intended, this philanthropic effort was also humbling in several ways. Complicated logistics hindered our ability to get the products into the disaster zones quickly. And once in, our small devices—perfect for backcountry users—were impractical amid such enormous demand for clean water that entire families could depend on.

They were lessons we took to heart—and they inspired what would become MSR Global Health.
For 45 years, MSR has been a leader in outdoor gear design and U.S. manufacturing. MSR Global Health harnesses this expertise. As a division, it allows us to invest in innovation specifically for people in low-resource communities who lack access to basic human needs.

MSR Global Health is focused on improving access to food, water, shelter and mobility. We think the same trusted engineering that creates gear for challenging outdoor environments can find solutions to improve the lives of people struggling to find safe water in remote villages.
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MSR Global Health SE200 Community Chlorine Maker
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In 2015, MSR Global Health’s first product debuted. The SE200 Community Chlorine Maker was co-developed with PATH, the leader in global health innovation. The small device produces chlorine using just water, salt and electricity from a rechargeable car battery—resources available in even the most remote places, where the means to treat drinking water are hard to obtain and waterborne illnesses are a fact of life.
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MSR Global Health is working with government and non-profit organizations, and private foundations to advance this research and development. As the business partner, MSR can ensure sustainable commercialization of these great innovations. But, we’re just one piece of the equation. Our passionate partners bring extensive field expertise, provide grants to explore cutting-edge technologies, and they’ve helped our design team build trusted relationships with end users in dozens of countries.
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At MSR, we’re proud of this effort. After all, we’re engineers and problem-solvers. Our passion lies in listening to challenges and inventing solutions that enrich the lives of others—whether that’s an alpinist conquering a first ascent, or a family in Nairobi seeking greater access to daily drinking water.


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