E-Case® protective cases are designed and assembled in Seattle, Washington, where we know a little something about the rain and a lot about building superior products to thrive in it.

Here, we've got the perfect environments to test our cases as both designers and users with our own devices in real-world conditions. We can research the latest fabrics, develop cutting-edge solutions, and challenge our cases to live up to their reputation as industry leaders in waterproof electronics protection.

By assembling in Seattle with U.S. and imported parts, we're proving our commitment to quality. And we're able to keep pace with the tech world at its lightning speed. Sometimes it feels like a flurry of new devices is raging around us. But, at E-Case, we don't hide from those elements. As we like to say—we enjoy the storm.

Because we're headquartered with manufacturing facilities in Seattle, Washington, we have access to many great resources. Among them are passionate production folks who build quality-assured products, and the perfect wet environments for testing waterproof technology.

Our product team is dedicated to researching the latest fabrics for waterproof products. They seek out those that are durable enough to withstand extreme environments over time, and select only materials that are PVC-free. PVC-free fabrics are produced in a way that is less harmful to the environment and doesn't create harmful byproducts during the assembly process. Plus they're more pliable in cold conditions.

We've perfected the art of radio-frequency welding, one of the most effective ways to create a watertight bond between fabrics. This allows our cases to meet the electronics industry IPX7 standard—completely submersible in one meter of water for up to half an hour. We go the extra mile to individually test every case to guarantee that it indeed does.

The E-Case collection was originally developed for kayakers and the harsh conditions they encounter. With Seattle's many lakes, Cascade Mountain Range, Elliott Bay and notorious weather, we can test our cases in just about every condition imaginable. Our cases fuse that robust technology with sensible design to blend seamlessly into every lifestyle.

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